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About Me

Andre Alonzo Chambers was never a typical child when he was young. Whenever he looked at the world, he always thought about what else could be done besides what was right in front of him. Andre has come a long way thanks to that one piece of advice. He has made a lot of big things happen early in his life and still does so today.

It means grabbing the Tech Horse by the reins and pulling it away:


He was already in charge of people with high-tech when he was just 20 years old. Make sense: The world was moving quickly toward new tools, and those who jumped on board early were going to be the ones who got the most out of it all. There were a lot of people who didn't think 20 years ago that small devices like hands could be so powerful. The power of a smartphone today is about the same as that of a network server two decades ago.

A Natural Step Up to Leadership:

Seeing how powerful computers were, Andre quickly rose through the ranks. This is how it works: he was already a manager in a tech company before he could drink. And the opportunities he saw kept getting better and better, especially for small and medium-sized businesses that could fill niches in markets where big businesses got stuck or needed quick help. His own tech company was up and running by the time he turned 22. He was already providing consulting services to the big companies himself. Instead of getting paid, he was now signing them for people who worked for Andre. And the client list wasn't a cheap one either. In the tech support business, Andre's company helped big companies like Toyota, AFLAC and State Auto and a lot of other big companies.


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